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 A Cold Winters Night (MF,g+,extreme pedo,infant,toddler,rough,ws)

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MensajeTema: A Cold Winters Night (MF,g+,extreme pedo,infant,toddler,rough,ws)   Dom Jun 28, 2015 10:44 pm

For years I had been having dark twisted fantasies about molesting very
little children. When I say very little I mean infant and toddler ages.
There's just something about their soft skin and innocence that makes my
cock throb . Now I hadn't ever gotten to enjoy more than a quick caress of
a diaper covered bottom or a kiss on the cheek of one before. Now, at 25,
I had found my self longing for this more than ever. But fear and the fact
that I've not had really any alone time with the object of my obsession had
kept me from it.

You see both my brother and sisters were all older than me. They had
children these days, but sadly they all live in other states and the few
times they visit I wasn't ever asked to babysit for them. I also live far
out in the country as I don't care much for others my own age at all.
Thankfully at the age of 18 I had managed to design my own computer
part(Which shall remain nameless ) that left me very , very wealthy. To
the point that from then on I never had to work another day in my life. So
I found my self a nice old farm house , where I spent most days reading
stories and looking at images of children and dreaming of the chance to be
with one. However I hadn't ever thought I would really have that chance.
But little did I know fate would soon be knocking at my door.

It was late one cold winters evening and a huge mixture of snow and Ice
had fallen for hours. The phone and cable were down. So I was left with
little to keep me busy. So I decided to light a fire and relax and let a
fantasy or two play out in my twisted mind. Since I was alone I had
nothing on at all as I sat down to dream. When suddenly I heard a bang on
my door. At first I thought something must have blown against it. But
then I heard it yet again. So I quickly grabbed my bath robe and my
gun(One can never be to safe) and made my way for the door. As I open it ,
I saw a young women in her late teens early twenty's with two small bundles
in her arms. She was shaking from the cold and tears were streaming down
her face. She could hardly speak as she asked me if she could use my
phone. I ushered her in the house and explained that the phones were down.
She began to sobb more. When I asked what the problem was she began to
tell me that her husband had been killed in a car accident and so she and
her babies were traveling to stay with her folks for a short time when she
got caught up in the snow storm. Her car had gotten stuck down a few
blocks past my home on the old country road where few traveled. Knowing it
was unlikely anyone would find her she had taken her children and made way
back to where she saw the light in my windows assuming someone must be

I told her she was welcome to stay and ride out the cold until the
phones were back up or I could get my truck out to take her the nearest
town. Not having much choice she took me up on my offer. So I extended my
hand to her and told her my name was John. As she continued to shiver she
said she was Mary and her two children were Sarah age two and Lindsey who
was only six months old.

I tried to make her comfortable and lead her to the fire. I then told
her if she wanted to wait there I'd see if I could find something that she
might be able to wear so she could get out of her wet cloths.

As I made my way to my bed room to find her something to wear I couldn't
help but wonder if this was all a dream. So after I pinched my self a few
times to make sure I was a wake I open my closet door and find my smallest
pair of sweat pants and an old flannel shirt for Mary. Thats when it hit
me that I had nothing that the children would fit in. So if I was lucky
the best they'd get would be a very large t shirt of mine that would at
least allow for some fleeting glances of their bare skin. Noticing my hard
throbbing member sticking out from my robe at the thought I decided I
better put something else on as well. So I grabbed the first set of warm
clothes I found and pulled them on quickly. I then rested my gun on my
dresser and made my way back out to meet my house guests.

Thats when my eyes saw something I hadn't expected, in an attempt to
help warm her children Mary had stripped them down to only their diapers.
To make things more interesting for me I saw two used diapers rolled up on
the floor. So I figured she must have just changed them right there in my
living room with little thought to the fact I might see their tiny little
girl parts.

I greeted the three with a warm smile and handed Mary the clothing. I
then directed her to where my bathroom was so that she might change. I
then told her about the t shirts for the kids and how I feared they
wouldn't fit. She then thanked me and took her girls and made her way to
change. So I saw down next to the fire to wait for their return. Thats
when I spied the diapers still laying next to the chair. Since I could see
the bathroom from where I was and would know when the door started to open
I grabbed one of the diapers and quickly un-rolled it. To my surprise and
delight I saw nothing inside. It felt abit damp though . So I suspected
that it might have just been wet from the snow and what not and maybe I
could catch the scent of baby pussy. So I pressed it to my face and took
in a deep breath and sadly couldn't smell anything at all.

Right then I heard the handle on the bathroom door start to turn so I
quickly rolled it back up just in time for the door to swing open.
Thankfully the young women didn't take notice as I dropped the diaper back
on the floor. As I gazed at her walking down the hall she had her two
little ones in her arms still dressed in nothing but a diaper. As she come
back into the room she thanked me once again and sat next in the chair next
to me. And laid her clothing by the fire to dry.

We began to talk and she told me that both shirts were to big for the
little ones and how she hope I don't mind them being half dressed. I
smiled at her and said" Not at all. Matter of fact I think they look
rather cute with their baby belly's showing" This made her giggle abit.

I as we talked she had told me she was only 19 years old and all about
her husbands accident. Basically she was rambling on nervously. After all
she's in a strange man's home way out in the middle of no where wearing his
old cloths with an infant and a toddler, unsure of when she might be able
to get out or call her family. I didn't mind at all because it gave me
more time to gaze at the two tots snuggled up in her arms. As the night
grew on I offered to make her some nice hot herbal tea to help her relax
some so that she might be able to get a little rest since it looked like
she would be with me for the night.

Being the nice women that she was she offered to help me with it, but I
played the part of a gentlemen and declined as she was my house guest. But
little did she know I had other reasons for wanting to do this for her.
Because when I said the tea was herbal I truly meant that it had a special
little root I had found read about online that man were using as the new
date rape drug. It would leave the person whom ingested it basically
unable to move , but yet fully aware of their surroundings . It was a very
slow acting. Which made it very easy for people at bars and such to get
time to take the women to a more private location, so that the object of
their desires wouldn't show any sign to those around.

So with the tea made I dropped in a small sprinkle of the ground up root
and mixed it in with abit of honey to cover the taste. Careful to watch
which cup at the drug and which didn't I took our tea back in and sat down
next to her. As the young women began to slowly drink it down. She went
on about how thankful for the warmth of it after being out in that awful

I smiled at her and we chatted for about another hour or so as she
finished her tea. Knowing full well that the root should start taking
effect soon I felt I had better get my plans lined up. So I told her I was
very tired so I'd show her where things were and then to the spare bedroom
before I made my way to my own for the night. Knowing full well that the
movement would help push the drug around her blood stream I gave her the
full tour of the house . Showing her where what was in the kitchen and
what not. I then stopped a moment and grabbed some extra blankets and
pillows from the hall closet and lead her to the bed room and left to go to
my own room.

Once in in the privacy of my room I stripped off my clothing and laid
down on my bed and began to wait and dream of what fun the night would soon
hold for me. After about fourty five minuets went by I was pretty sure
that the poor young women would be completely effected by my lovely root I
got up and began preparing for the fun. Now at this point nothing could
stop me short of death from tasting the soft skin of the women and her
children. So just incase she wasn't as effected as I thought I pulled out
some handcuffs, some rope and grabbed my gun and made my way back down the
hall. As I approached the bed room I notice the door slightly open and a
the small bedside lamp on inside. As I peered in through the crack in the
door I saw Marry laying in the middle of the bed. Little Sarah on one side
of her with some pillows on the other side of the toddler and little
Lindsey on the other side of her set up just like her big sister. It
appeared Marry was a sleep . She looked so peaceful with her two children
snuggled up to her . Little did she know what the night would hold for the

I quietly made my way into the bedroom and knelt beside the bed that
little Lindsey was on. I then pressed my gun next to Mary's head and
shouted"Wake up!" instantly she open her eyes and tried to speak. But
found she couldn't, nor could she move a muscle in her body. I smiled a
wicked smile as I whispered softly" Look tonight both you and your children
are going to be my playthings. Now I did drug you up real well. But just
for when it wears off know that if you decide to try anything stupid I'll
shoot your innocent little babies right before your eyes. Plus to be safe
I've brought along a few toys to help me out" With that I took her hands
and used handcuffed them to the headboard. I then took some of the rope
and did the same with her feet to the foot boards. By now I notice tears
were streaming down her face. It must have been awful being so helpless to
defender her self or her children from the sick man. This fact of course
made it all the more of a turn on for me.

Moving on, once I was sure she was nice and secure I placed the gun on
the night stand and pulled the covers off of them. When I did little Sarah
started to cry , it appeared I had woken her with my actions. So I made my
way around the bed to her with some of the rope in hand and picked her up
from my bed. She was scared being held by the strange man and began to cry
out for her mommy. But there's nothing her mommy could do and I carried
her tightly in my arms back to my bedroom. I laid her down on my big bed
and being so scared she attempted to flee. But I pushed her back and began
to tie her arms to the bed posts. I then spread her legs wide and did the
same with those. So their she lay helpless in nothing but her little
diaper that she was now wetting from fear. I lean down and kissed my
little victim on the cheek and said" Don't worry honey we are going to have
soo much fun together. But not just yet..." She began to sobb even harder
as I covered her up and left her all alone in the dark room.

I went back into the other bedroom and climbed onto the bed and began to
rip the cloths off of the young mother. As I pulled the shirt off I
enjoyed how her milk filled breast looked. Then a nice surprise came as I
pulled her pants off and found that she had kept her pussy clean shaven.
Now I'm not much into adult women. But I must say she was very sexy with
her bare soft white skin and her long brown hair and the tears streaming
from her pretty green eyes. So I decided to have me a little taste of her
and began to lick from her left foot up her body just stooping for a moment
at her mound before making my way up to her breasts. I began to suck on
the left one taking in the taste of her warm milk.

Once I had drank plenty I took some in my mouth and pressed my mouth to
hers and let it drain. inside. She began to choke a little on it. But in
the end she managed to swallow most of it.

With that done I thought it was plenty time for me to finally enjoy the
sweet taste of an innocent little infant. So I took little Lindsey in my
arms and laid her on her mommy's bare belly. I softly caressed her little
cheeks and looked into her pretty blue eyes before I lean down and began to
trace her lips with my tongue. When something wonderful happen. Instinct
took over and she latched onto my tongue and began to suckle away as if
trying to get milk from it. My cock began to throb so I slowly slipped
into Mary's sex hole as I continued to tongue kiss her innocent little
baby. But I of course needed more than just a kiss. So I slowly broke away
and lean down and began to nibble at her soft pink baby nipples. The
infant wiggled around before me . As I played with them I slowly undid the
tabs of her tiny little diaper and slipped it out from under her. By now I
was just dieing to taste that hairless little mound. So I slowly licked
down her skinny little baby body until I finally had my face buried between
her legs.

The taste was amazing to me. It was slightly sweet and a little salty.
To my surprise no trace of baby powered, diaper cream or even pee. Just
sweet bare baby pussy at it's best. As I licked I began to massage her
tiny baby clit with my tongue and much to my surprise the infant began to
giggle and coo as if she was getting pleasure from it. Now I had heard
even infant can get sexual pleasure, but I had thought it was a myth. It
turns out it wasn't. As I thrust in and out of her mother as I kept my
oral assault going to see if maybe I could bring at least one of my current
lovers to an orgasm. Not that I cared much if I didn't. Because I would
soon be having one. As I went along I was enjoying this more and more and
began to slide my hands under little Lindsey and gently squeeze her little
bottom . As I enjoyed the soft feel of the tiny white globes I knew I was
about to unleash the largest load of cum I had ever shot before so I began
to pull out. But it began to go before I was even out. But thankfully
there was still plenty shooting from my throbbing cock and the sticky white
goo slashed all over Lindsey's little slit, belly and face. Happily
satisfied I took some pillows and propt them up beside the infant to keep
her from sliding off her mommy's belly and left the room to go pay a visit
to my other little lover.

When I came back in Sarah was still screaming and crying. Which by now
it was frankly less of a turn on and more of an annoyance. So something
would need to be done about that when I got a twisted idea. I pulled her
soaking wet diaper off and forced as much of it was I could into her mouth.
Being sure that her nose was still free and clear so that she could breath
I climbed on her and began kissing down her soft little neck and running my
fingers through her pretty light brown hair.

I then made my way down her chest and tried to nibble on her nipples as
I had previously done to her sister. But she was extra skinny and there
was little to take into my mouth. So I moved on and licked away at her
soft little belly. My tongue dance in her belly button before I moved on
to her urine soaked toddler mound. Now I hadn't ever tasted pee before,
but found it to be a huge turn on and I felt my cock begin to twitch. By
now I wanted more of this little whore and pulled the ropes loose .I then
rolled her on to her stomach before placing my finger in my own mouth.
Once it was nice and wet I spread her little butt cheeks and shoved my
finger deep inside. She let out a wimper as I invaded her tight little
bottom. She wiggled trying to get away from me. But I just held on to her
and began to slide my finger in and out. But yet this wasn't even enough
for me. I wanted to be joined together with her. No matter what! . So I
grabbed the Ky Jelly from the night stand that I normally use to master
bait with and pulled my finger out of her tight hole. I then lubed it up
with the Ky and shoved it back in coating the inside. Then I pulled out
and squirted a large amount into my hand and began massaging it on to my
cock. Now that part of my body is pretty small. Only about five an half
inches So in no time it was fully covered. So I pressed it against her
little anus and thrust in deeply. She screamed around her gag as I buried
about three inches inside her. She felt so tight and I could feel her
little mucles squeeze against me as if trying to push me out as I slowly
began to rock back and forth. In and out. Over and over. Soon she
basically stopped fighting and laid there as I continued my assault. Now
that my other hand was no longer needing to hold her down I slipped it
around to her little mound and stroked her softly. Thats when the twisted
idea of filling both her holes and once crossed my mind. So I traced
downwards until I found her tiny little pussy hole. As I did she began to
urinate some more which

got my finger nice and wet. I found this ironic that she was in the end
helping lube my finger up to take her cherry. I almost laughed abit about
that before I pressed my finger inside her. This must have hurt more
because suddenly she tried to wiggle free again. But it seems just didn't
have the strength left. She was so small and tight that I couldn't hardly
get my finger past the first knuckle. But I wiggled it around as I thrust
my cock harder into her. Managing to get in just about another half inch.
With that I couldn't take any more and began to unload deep into her little
bowels. It began to leak out around my cock . With that I went soft again
and slipped . I then grabbed a towel and wiped my cock clean and lay next
to the whimpering little toddler and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke I found little Sarah gone from my bedroom. So I got up and
headed into the other bed room where I found her curled up next to her mom
and sister. Thats when I noticed Mary was awake and the drug had worn off
. She began to curse at me for what I had done. Which for some strange
reason turned me on once again. So I decided to have a little early
morning fun. So I wrapped my hands around little Lindsey's waste and
lifted her up. All the while taking in the sight of my dry cum on her
little baby pussy. I Then climbed onto the bed and placed the baby just
above her mothers face and shouted" Lick her unless you want me to snap her
neck right now!" Of course I really didn't want to kill the baby as I had
plenty of more fun to be had with her. But her mom didn't know that. So
while sobbing she began to lick her infants cum covered slit. I must say
to this day I've not seen anything as hot as this was . But to make it
even better the infant began to pee all over her mommy's tear stained face
and in her mouth. The warm fluid gushed and Mary had no choice but to
swallow it. So at that point I couldn't help but shoot another hot load of
cum all over my lovers.

After so much sex I was truly worn out. So I took the babies and washed
them up and laid them with their mom and spent the day relaxing.
Thankfully the storm had broke. So I got in my four wheel drive truck with
the hitch attached and made my way to where Mary's car was stuck. I then
hooked the car to my truck and pulled it back to my house and hid it in my
barn. I Then hooked my plow up and wiped away any sign of a car having
been stuck . So no one would have any clue where the young mother and her
two children were. The only town was an hour away and the odds of them
coming out as far as my house were slim any way and there was no trace
left. So I now had three lovely slaves.

In time Mary seem to give up hope and began doing what she was told and
stopped trying to get away. So several times a day I used all three girls.
So it came as no surprise when I got Mary pregnant. So I began reading all
I cuold about how to deliver a baby and when the time came I delivered
another girl. So from that day on I would have four females to enjoy as I
pleased and I lived happily and horny ever after.

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A Cold Winters Night (MF,g+,extreme pedo,infant,toddler,rough,ws)
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