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 A Fairy Tale About Little Wendy

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Once upon a time, there was a pretty little girl named Wendy. She was
only three years old. Wendy had pretty gold locks of hair and bright blue
eyes. Her cheeks were rosy pink and her lips were pouty and lush with
color. Wendy loved having stories read to her by her male babysitter Frank.
Her favorite was Peter Pan. Sometimes, Frank would dress up like Peter Pan
and play a game with her. It was called "peek-a-poo." Wendy was a late
bloomer and still hadn't been potty trained. She wore a pretty disposable
diaper with little girls on the front and rear. Frank loved playing
peek-a-poo with Wendy. At the beginning, Wendy would tell Frank that she
had to go potty. Frank would then ask her if she had to make "wee wee" or
"poo poo." Wendy would hold her nose with one hand and place the other on
her hiney and giggle. This meant she had to make poopies in her little
diaper. Frank would smile and give her a big kiss on her sweet little
mouth. Then he would dress up like Peter Pan and come skipping into the

"Hi there Wendy. My name is Peter Pan and I want to take a peek at your
poo!" Said Frank as he lifted up her pink mini-skirt.

Wendy giggled and held her nose. She knew she was about to do something
very dirty and messy and very naughty. She loved it when Peter Pan touched
her hiney. She felt all tingly inside. However, Peter Pan had a little
rule that he taught her very early on. Frank had taught her that Peter Pan
only placed his magic touch on little girl's with poopy bottoms. Wendy
loved feeling Peter Pan's magic touch - especially when his magic fingers
probed her little pee pee hole. Wendy didn't like making poo poo in her
diaper. She felt all messy and smelly. The odor would creep out of her
little pamper and into Peter Pan's nose. The only thing that made this
acceptable to Wendy was Peter Pan's magic fingers. They would probe the
outside of her diaper and rub her backside - mushing her dirty poo all
around and making her feel even more sticky and squishy inside. Frank would
then lead her into the nursery and have her sit in his lap. He would place
one hand around her little waist and one hand under her diaper so that he
could feel the messy bulge in Wendy's pamper. Gently, Frank (Peter Pan)
would begin licking her rosy cheeks and kissing her on her hot little mouth.
His tongue would probe the outside of her little baby lips and press it's
way inward. Wendy had delightful baby breath and the smell of her messy BM
made her even more attractive to the perverted nepiophile. Wendy loved it
when Peter Pan rocked her back and forth in the rocking chair and kissed
her little mouth. Her favorite part was when Peter Pan unfastened her
diaper and began inching his magic fingers toward her little baby trickle.
It was so soft, so pink, and so fleshy!

"Now Wendy, Peter Pan is going to play with your little potty mess. So
hold still and be a good little girl and let Peter Pan play." Said Frank.

Wendy spread her little baby legs so that Peter Pan could have easier
access to the inside of her diaper. Frank was in heaven as he began to
push little Wendy's diaper open. Slowly, he eased the diaper open and
outward - exposing the dirty brown mess that Wendy made just for him. He
worked his fingers down her baby trickle - making her squirm and giggle.
Then he worked his fingers further down - inching them toward her smelly
hiney hole.

Frank began to feel something warm and moist as his fingers encountered
the first traces of baby girlie poo. At the same time, Frank pressed his
nose against Wendy's mouth - smelling her sweet little girl breath. Slowly,
Frank moved his fingers in a circle - smearing Wendy's BM around her baby
crotch. He scooped some of it up and began to rub some of it on her little
baby clitty.

"That's a girl Wendy...Peter Pan loves little girls with accidents in
their diapers."

Little Wendy began to gurgle and coo as her little pee pee began to grow
and throb with pleasure. She felt Peter Pan smear some of her potty mess
into her little pee pee - making her little twat all brown and dirty.

"Peter Pan loves his little whore." Said Frank as he continued smearing
her BM around.

Wendy's pee pee hole was now completely smeared with messy smelly poo.
Her little pink baby folds were now brown and stinky. Slowly, Frank fondled
her anus as he continued french kissing the little tart. Little Wendy
wimpered as she felt Peter Pan's finger probe her little bottom. The whole
nursery smelled like poo poo and Wendy's face grew pink with embarrasement.
Slowly, Peter Pan's magic finger went into her dirty bottom and began to
wiggle inside her smelly brown hole. Wendy darted her tongue around in
Frank's mouth as she began to wimper and moan.

"Does little Wendy want to see her pretty mess?" Asked Frank in his
Peter Pan voice.

Slowly, he picked up Wendy and lay her down on the floor. He removed
her diaper and held it up to Wendy's face. Little Wendy stared at the
inside of her smelly pamper. It was filled and smeared with her little
brown pooey mess. At the same time, Frank continued to message her baby
clitty all streaked with poo. Wendy felt tingly and she began to associate
these feelings with the dirty mess she had made in her pamper. Slowly, the
baby toddler spread her legs - allowing Peter Pan easier access to her
special place. Frank slid his filthy finger into her little slimy hole and
wiggled it around. Finally, he stood up and unbuttoned his costume
allowing his magic peter to spring lose. It dangled menacingly over little
Wendy's head as he lowered himself to her face. Slowly, he pushed his
stiffining cock against her baby lips a pressed. Wendy reluctantly opened
her mouth and allowed the smelly prick to ease it's way inside of her. The
cock grew very thick and bulged outward expanding little Wendy's rosy
cheeks in all directions. In and out...In and out...the cock went. Frank
leered at the dirty little cunt. This peter thing was definately beginning
to pan out (so to speak). Frank was in heaven as he reamed out the little
girl's mouth. Soon, his balls began to tingle with the burning senesation
of hot sperm. Within seconds, Frank let loose a tremendous burst of warm
gushy cum all over the inside of little Wendy's mouth. The first two globs
were the biggest as they blasted the back of her throat - bringing about a
choking reflex. The last spurts leaked onto her little infant tongue and
spilled over onto her baby gums. Next, Frank withdrew his penis and
smeared it on the baby girl's rosy cheeks - making them all slimy and
sticky with goop.

Now the nursery really began to smell!

"That's a good little girl Wendy. You'll get used to this little game
we play. who knows, one day you may even start to like it." Said Frank
in his regular tone of voice.

Little Wendy squirmed around in her little mess kicking her legs and
drooling cum out of her hot little mouth. She had now been reduced to a
puddle of sex on the floor strictly for Franks enjoyment. Frank took hold
of some baby wipes in the closet and set out to clean little Wendy up. Her
mother would be home soon and he had to work fast. Quickly he wiped her
bottom clean and spread fresh baby powder on her butt. Then he wiped her
face off and gave it a big sloppy kiss. Finally, he fastened a new
disposable pamper between her soft little legs and carried her to the

"It's nap time for you my dear" Said Frank as he gently lay her down.
"You be good and get some rest. Who knows, maybe Peter Pan will come to
visit his sweet little cunt tomorrow. You would like that wouldn't you

Wendy stared up at Frank without expression. She was still feeling
tingly in her little baby trickle. The pink fleshy folds were still puffed
out considerably inside her diaper. Frank left the room and awaited
Wendy's mother in the den. It had certainly been a long day for Peter Pan.


AUTHOR's NOTE: If you liked this story, e-mail me at:

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A Fairy Tale About Little Wendy
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