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  A Man's Journey (MFg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,inc)

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MensajeTema: A Man's Journey (MFg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,inc)   Dom Jun 28, 2015 10:57 pm

My name is John, I'm 35, 6ft, 175 lbs. This is my story.

I was brought up in a very loving family. I was introduced to incest at the
age of 3, by my mother. She had told me that I walked in on her while she
was masturbating. She is 5'7, jet black hair, 150 lbs, curves in all the
right places, 40DD boobs, and a trimmed pussy that smelled like heaven. She
taught me to nurse on her clit that day, and every day after that for 14
years, till I left home.

My experiences with my mom, never left my thoughts. My feelings of sexual
urges started to manifest of thoughts of preteen girls. Thoughts varied from
infants to teenagers, mostly leaning towards toddlers around 3 and 4. I
would take walks in parks, pass by elementary schools, and visit public
pools just to gaze at young girls. The internet helped pacify the urges for
a short time. Then I stumbled upon chat rooms that had people with the same
interests. I was on my way.

I met Molly in a chat room. She was 19 years old. Red hair, 36C breasts,
5'3, 120lbs. She was a runaway at the age of 16 when she found out she was
pregnant by her father. She was afraid of her dad getting in trouble, so she
left. We hit it off from the start, we talked for hours. Her biggest fantasy
dealt with her daughter Paige, being with a loving gentleman, who would make
love to her 3 year old daughter. She had mentioned to me that she had been
touching and licking her daughter, that had started when she was just over a
year old. She wasn't really sure if she would actually let it happen, but
like she said, you never know. I told her of my thoughts and history and
told her that I would love to meet her. I found out that she was only 150
miles away. We made plans to meet for dinner.

Friday never came so slowly. I made dinner, bought 4 bottles of wine, and
soft music to set the mood. They arrived at 6 pm, it was decided that she
would stay for the weekend. After dinner, she wanted to bath her daughter
before her bedtime, and she asked me where everything was to give Paige her
bath. She asked my to keep her company during Paige's bath, I'm on my feet
and in the bathroom in 2 seconds flat. Just the thought of seeing a 3 year
old being given a bath by her mom, who had admitted to molesting her
daughter, gave me an instant hard on. When I entered the bathroom, Paige was
on her feet, standing facing her mother. Molly said she hated using wash
clothes on Paige, that she preferred to use her hands. For whatever reason
she had, I was all for it. She washed her face chest and tummy without
batting an eye. She started slowing down and taking her time, when she
reached her upper legs. Paige automatically spread her legs for her mom
without being told. Molly soaped up her hands really good and started to
wash Paige's tiny pussy. Molly took her time, you could tell she was
enjoying it just as much as Paige was. Not a word was passed by either Molly
or Paige. Paige just had a smile on her face. I was watching very intently,
not even blinking, I was to afraid of missing something. I could see that
Molly's finger would slide into Paige's pussy as she washed her. I had a
raging steel pole in my pants. I left to open a bottle of wine while she
finished up with Paige. And to regain my composure.

Molly put Paige in a very loose tee shirt, and what surprised me, Paige had
no panties on. Molly went to go put something less confining on. Which to my
joy, was a satin robe, and nothing else. I changed into a pair of Sponge Bob
boxers. After 2 bottles of wine, Molly started feeling a bit frisky. She
started kissing my neck, telling me she wanted to suck my cock. I was
staring at Paige, who was laying on her tummy on the floor watching a kids
movie her mom brought. Her tee shirt covered only half of her tiny bottom.
And her legs were spread just enough to see her pussy. Molly noticed what I
was staring at, and asked if I wanted a little of that, Of course I said
yes. Molly smiled, fished my cock out of my boxers, and started gently
stroking me. She asked if I wanted Paige's hand stroking my cock, "yes" I
whispered. "MMMMMMMM" Molly moaned in my ear. Molly asked "would you like
Paige to do this?" With that, she completely sucked my cock into her mouth
in one fell swoop. My eyes went blurry with that question. Damn her mouth
was fantastic. She would slowly lick my cock from the tip to the base of my
nut sack, then back up again. She was sucking me in front of her daughter,
and it didn't even bother her. She sat up for a moment, looked me in the
eyes and said "You can call Paige over while I do this." "Are you sure?" I
asked. " Just be gentle" she said with a smile that could melt anyone's
heart. "Paige" I called, " come over here sweetie" Molly added.

Paige got up, and stood between my legs and asked her mom "what's dat?" "Its
a penis" Molly explained. "peanuts" Paige said with a giggle, I involuntary
jerked my cock when Paige pointed at my cock. "Its a yummy penis honey"
molly said. With that, she engulfed my cock back into her mouth, this time
while Paige was watching. Molly was moaning and saying how yummy and how
good it tasted. I took Paige's hands and placed them around my cock while it
was still in her mothers mouth. God this was so erotic seeing a 3 1/2 year
old hands on my cock while her mother sucked it. As Molly was licking my
cock head, she put a hand on Paige's head to draw her in closer to what she
was doing. A little reluctant, Paige drew near. I told Paige to lick my
peanuts like mommy was doing, she was scared, Molly told her it was ok, and
that it was yummy. Paige gave in after a little more coaxing. I was in
heaven, my dream finally coming true. I think Paige realized it wasn't that
bad, and liked the taste of my pre-cum. Molly stopped to watch her baby girl
lick a mans cock, laid back on the couch, opened her robe, and started to
caress her pussy. "fuck I'm wet" She growled softly. "put it in her mouth"
Molly said lustfully, "god put it in her mouth" I put my hand on the back of
Paige's head, "open your mouth baby" I coaxed. I slipped my cock head in her
mouth, held her head, not letting her back off. So she would get used to the
idea of having my dick in her mouth. "Lick it baby" I told her. keeping her
mouth on my head. Her tongue started doing circles around the head, i almost
burst right there. Molly was masturbating with a vengeance, by this time.

Molly had 2 fingers sliding in and out of her pussy while she watched her
daughter give her first blowjob. Paige must have got that trait from her
mommy, cuz this toddler was a natural. I started moving Paige's head up and
down slowly, not trying to gag her. In about another minute I'm going to cum
in her pretty little mouth I told Molly. She was getting very close to
cumming herself. Go ahead she told me. Deciding on wanting to fuck this
toddlers tiny mouth, I held her head very still, and started bucking my hips
in short bursts. I was getting so close to cumming, I couldn't see straight.
I was overcome with lust. Paige was starting to get a little scared, but I
didn't let that stop me. Molly called Paige, and told her to look at her.
She wanted to see Paige's eyes when I came. "ohhhhh my goddddd I'm close.
Paige I'm going to cum in your mouth babyyyy." Do It, cum in her mouth Molly
said. Molly started cumming as she said that, watching her cum, having a 3
year old suck me off, was too much for me to hold back any longer.
nnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhh I'm cumming. I was bucking wildly in Paige's mouth.
she got really scared, but I was to far gone to stop. It felt like I came in
buckets. burst after burst shot into her mouth. Paige jerked each time.
molly finished cumming and joined Paige, licking up what ever dribbled out
of her daughters mouth. I held Paige on my cock till I knew she swallowed my
cum. I let her off, and molly started French kissing her daughter, moaning
as she was doing it

"that was so fucking hot" molly exclaimed. "how was it for you" she asked
me. "fantastic so fantastic." I said. I leaned back on the couch, feeling
completely spent. Molly stood up, went to Paige, lifted off her tee shirt,
and said "lets go to bed" my only reply was my cock twitching, coming back
to life.


As soon as Paige's tee shirt came off, my cock started coming back to life.
I looked at her naked tiny body, and thoughts of lust started rushing
through my brain. So small and innocent, delicate, and tasty. My first
thought was, what else was in store for me and my hardening cock. Paige had
the cutest little smile on her face, she still had a drop of cum on her
chin. That was a very erotic sight for me and her mommy.

Molly took Paige by the hand and started heading for my bedroom, where we
could be much more comfortable. It was such a turn on to watch mother and
daughter walk hand in hand, naked as the day they were born. Seeing both of
my now naked lovers walking, asses swaying with each step, was almost to
much. I knew right then, I was going to have my way with both of these sexy

Once in the bedroom, Molly picked up Paige and had her stand on the bed.
"Come here" Molly said, with a lustful smile. I walked over to both of them
and all three of us engaged in a hug. My hands started roaming over both
Mommy and daughter. Skin so smooth to the touch, almost like satin. I looked
into Molly's eyes and said "I want to kiss you and Paige". " What's stopping
you?" she quipped. I kissed Molly first, very deep and passionate. It lasted
almost two minutes. I then looked at Paige and leaned in to kiss her. It was
a very typical kiss for a three year old. I kissed her again, this time
pushing my tongue into her tiny mouth. I could taste remnants of my cum
lingering in her mouth. Next to me I heard Molly moan with lust as I kissed
her toddler as passionately as I kissed her. Molly started stroking my hard
cock, as I was kissing and caressing Paige's very small ass.

I broke the kiss, breathing very hard. My pulse was racing, faster then a
drag car going down a 1/2 mile track. Molly had her cute daughter lay down
on the bed, and then embraced me. "What would you like to see happen first"
Molly asked. So many thoughts came to mind, but I could only think of one
that stood out the most. "I would love to see you lick that baby pussy for
me" I groaned. Molly just smiled and moaned, winked her eye at me, then
crawled on the bed. She spread Paige's legs, rubbed her hands along her
daughters thighs, in a teasing type manner. I knelt on the floor to get a
better look, as she leaned her head in to kiss Paige's vulva. She gently
kissed each of her daughters pussy lips, taking time as if to savor the
taste. Her tongue started licking into the child's tiny pussy. I looked into
Paige's eyes, I saw a smile on her face. Molly really started licking Paige,
moistening her pussy as she ate her. She then started to lick up and down
Paige's crack, licking from where her very tiny clit was, right to her
little anus. Each pass of her tongue on Paige's ass, she would push her
tongue into her bottom as far as she could.

I wanted to feel Molly's tongue with my hand, so I placed my hand on Paige's
pussy as her mommy ate her. I was delirious with lust at this point. I was
ready as ever to shoot another load all over my bedroom floor. Remarkably I
was able to hold off. I felt for Paige's vaginal hole with my index finger
because I wanted to feel her hymen. I had never felt one so young before.
Molly noticed what I was doing, lifted her head up, and she shocked me when
she said, "Go ahead, her cherry is yours" and went back to eating her baby's
pussy. I sat there for a minute, contemplating what she had just offered.
"mmmmmmm" I moaned. I licked my finger and placed it at the entrance of
Paige's tiny hole. I worked my finger in and out, bumping her hymen each
stroke. I then pushed my finger deep into her pussy, as far as it would go.
Paige cried out from the pain. Molly kept right on licking. I kissed Paige
on the mouth calming her as best I could. My finger was buried to the hilt.
Never moving it till she was ready. I started pulling it out, when Molly
grabbed my hand and licked my finger clean. She then licked Paige's hole to
lick up the small amount of blood that was there. She plunged her tongue in
Paige's now deflowered pussy, as far as it would go. It was very hot
watching this young mother tongue fuck her baby daughter

I stood up and told Molly that I wanted to lick her daughters pussy.
"mmmmmm" She moaned. " I want to see her sit on you face honey" Molly said.
She picked up Paige so I could lay down. I lifted Paige and sat her on my
face so I could bury my tongue deep into her pussy. My tongue separated her
delicate lips, then pushed in her as far as it could go. Paige sat there
just looking at me as I administered her toddler pussy. I started feeling
her tiny ass, running my fingers into her bottom as I ate her. I placed a
finger at the entrance of her anus so I could place a finger in there as I
licked her.

Molly wanted attention as well. Since I was in the right position, She
straddled my very hard cock, and then engulfed herself on my dick. In one
fell swoop she had my cock all the way in her pussy. We both moaned at the
same time. The sensations of having a grown woman fucking my cock and
tasting a three year olds pussy was too much for my cock to handle. After 7
strokes into Molly's pussy, I shot into her that almost knocked her off my
cock. That sent her off to orgasm land as well. " Oh my god, Oh my god" was
all she could say. Her shuddering with her orgasm, pussy milking my cock,
sent me off again. "MMMMMMMMMMM Fuuuuuuccckkk" I cried into Paige's pussy.

That was the best three orgasms in one night, that I have had in a long time
I thought. I lifted Paige off my mouth and sat her on the bed. My cock
deflated, I was spent, drained, and needed to rest. Molly knew how I felt.
She suggested that we rest. I agreed. She laid Paige down on the bed between
us, and both French kissed her goodnight.

Molly said with a grin "Wait till you see what's for breakfast". I wondered
what was in store for me next.

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A Man's Journey (MFg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,inc)
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